Vote Matthew H Sampson for 2B01!

Hello neighbors! My name is Matthew Sampson and I’m the commissioner for 2B01. I have had the great pleasure of serving my first term and I look forward to serving my second. Read on to see why you should vote for me in this year’s ANC election. Click here to donate to my campaign.

Local and Global
I believe that what we do on a local or neighborhood level contributes to climate change. I strive to be a tireless advocate in the fight against climate change, while also taking into account what constituents need. Our neighborhood must take steps together to ensure that our society has sustainable roots for the future.


“I first met Matthew at an ANC meeting long before I stepped down. He was one of the 2B01 constituents who regularly showed up to meetings, even if there wasn’t anything exciting on the agenda. He has put in the time and effort to understand how the ANC best operates. Over his first term, he has proven that he is willing to listen to constituent input and reach a consensus that works for our district. I am confident in Matthew’s leadership skills and I encourage you to re-elect Matthew for a second term.” – Amy Johnson, former 2B01 Commissioner

“Working with Matthew over his first term has been a delight. I’ve watched him grow into a great public servant, one who is willing to digest his constituents’ input and reach compromises that reflect the community’s values. Together, we worked to build consensus around the 20th and 17th protected bike lanes. Matthew has proven himself to be a capable commissioner and a valuable warrior in the fight against climate change. I encourage you to vote for Matthew a second time.” – Randy Downs, 2B05 Commissioner

“Matthew Sampson is a community leader who cares about all residents in Dupont Circle.  He’s a bridge builder and problem solver who listens and works hard to find solutions that work for everyone in the community.  Covid-19 has created significant challenges for our community. I’m confident that Matthew is the person to help both businesses and residents through these challenges. ” – Howard Bard, 2B01 Resident, 21st Street

“Matthew is a dedicated and responsive public servant who takes the time to learn the issues and listen to all stakeholders so that a fair compromise can be reached.  He understands the need to help all his constituents, residential and commercial, navigate the city’s bureaucracy and protect their interests, especially during this complicated time.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting his re-election.” – Nell Payne, 2B01 Resident, Swann Street

“Matthew Sampson is widely known as a staunch advocate for pedestrian safety, fighting for safer transportation infrastructure, and minding the long-term impacts of climate change in every single vote. On commission business, he consistently seeks the right thing on behalf of neighbors and does well balancing conflicting opinions. Matthew Sampson is a great commissioner and deserves reelection.” – Aaron Landry, 2B04 commissioner

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
I want neighbors, visitors, and tourists to feel safe walking and biking through our neighborhood. I have been a Vision Zero advocate for long before I became a commissioner. During my first term, I helped to get safety design interventions installed at 19 and T NW and voted to support two new protected bike lanes on 20th and 17th Streets.

Safe streets for everyone! Even cats!

Local Business
The thing that has made Dupont a destination for decades are its local businesses. The Dupont name has always carried with it a little glamor and glitz, but now the neighborhood is facing new challenges with more competition from trendy neighborhoods in DC. I am proud to support existing local businesses while encouraging new ones to sprout.

Affordable Housing
As a young queer person, I am so fortunate to be able to live in Dupont Circle. I think that our neighborhood should do our part to contributing to the city’s affordable housing needs. This means gently allowing more density while respecting reasonable wishes of historic preservation. I am proud of the engagement process for development projects including the Masonic Temple apartments.

DC’s Deaf Community
As one of four deaf commissioners in DC’s history, I am proud to show everyone that deaf people can play a role in local government. My experience organizing with the DC Association of the Deaf and helping connect the deaf community to various city departments has prepared me to serve my all constituents and their needs. I am proud to have voted in support of the Office of the Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing.

2B01 Boundaries
ANC 2B, representing Dupont Circle, is divided into nine Single Member Districts (SMD). The boundaries of 2B01 is below. There are a total of nine SMDs in the Dupont Circle ANC.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our neighborhood, the commission, my first term, or my campaign! Thank you for your interest and support.

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